Factors to Consider to Creating a Home Environment Suitable for the Elderly


Are there elderly people living with you at home? Would you like to give them the best care? If you do, it would be good to contact a home care agency in Fairfield, Connecticut to help you. These are the three factors to consider to create a positive environment for seniors:

  • Indoor Air Quality
    It’s a must to give the seniors fresh air to breath. Doing this is an effective way to help them stay healthy. A provider of non-medical home care in Connecticut can help keep seniors’ homes well-ventilated. Your elderly loved ones can also take a short walk outside, especially in the garden, to grab some fresh air.
  • Safety and Navigability
    The layout of the area also means a lot to the seniors. Preferably, it would be great to have handrails for the staircases, slip-resistant flooring, and grab bars for the bathroom and kitchen. Remember that seniors might already have problems going around, considering their weak knees and muscles.
  • Comfort
    Lastly, a senior’s home should be comfortable. It must have the right furniture pieces, both for the outdoor and indoor areas. Their bedrooms must have the right choice of pillows and linens to ease their back and muscle pains. The bathroom and kitchen must be highly accessible for them so that they can do their hygiene routines and grab their meals or snacks easily.

Allowing your elderly loved one to receive home care might be the best gift you can give them. That’s because of the assurance that they’ll receive the best home care assistance from experts. If you are in Connecticut, you can rely on Hand to Hand Private Homecare to give your elderly loved ones the care and comfort that they deserve at home.

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