For the People Whom We Love Dearly

We always want what is best for the people that we love, especially our grandmothers and grandfathers. They are old and they need much love and attention. They have been through a lot already and they might simply want to relax from all that they experienced. It is our responsibility as their loved ones and … Continue reading

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The Helping Hand You Never Thought You Needed

Are you looking for a home care agency? Or do you know someone who needs this service? Check out Hand to Hand Homecare. We offer different kinds of specialty services that will cater to your every need. We are a provider of non-medical homecare in Connecticut that provides a helping hand to the elderly, the … Continue reading

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Memory Care Tips for Seniors with Dementia

It’s somewhat frustrating to see your once thoughtful elderly loved ones become forgetful. They can’t even remember who you are. But don’t be so emotionally affected. It’s all part of the aging process. Apart from availing of senior care services from a home care agency, keep these tips in mind to help them manage their … Continue reading

Senior Care Tips: Diet Insights for Elderly People

Maintaining a healthy weight is a goal worth-pursuing at any age. However, the onset of diseases can take a toll on a senior’s ability to exercise and eat a variety of foods. Hence, they need to to work with experts from a home care agency. For their diet, the following tips should be followed: Go … Continue reading

Habits for Seniors to Enjoy and Maximize Their Golden Years

Being able to reach the retirement years is a huge blessing. If you have loved ones at home who are 60 years old and over, be sure to help them maintain their health by availing of senior services from a home care agency. It’s also good to encourage your loved ones to cultivate the following … Continue reading

Tasks You Need to Delegate When Taking Care of Seniors at Home

It’s good to be hands-on in taking care of your elderly loved ones. But if doing so would be too exhausting, it’s equally wise to just delegate some of your caregiving duties. When the tasks pile up and become too much to bear, you can just contact a home care agency to hire a reliable … Continue reading

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