How to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Get Good Sleep Daily

How to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Get Good Sleep Daily

Adequate sleep plays a huge part in our life, regardless of age. But for elderly people, the quality of their sleep could mean the difference between declining health and long-term health well into their 90s. If you have elderly loved ones at home, hire an expert from a home care agency in Bridgeport, Connecticut to take care of them, especially in prioritizing their sleep-wake cycle. The following tips can also help you make sure your loved ones are getting enough sleep:

  • Take care of the diet. Don’t store coffee, soda, and sweets in your fridge.
    They might pick these foods and have them for afternoon snacks, which can hamper their sleeping patterns. Consult a dietitian for the best foods for your loved ones. Visit a non-medical home care in Connecticut and hire a meal preparation professional to help you with the menu.
  • Make their room conducive for sleep.
    Tidy up their room and clean it up regularly. Organize their things to remove the stress-causing clutter. If you don’t have time to do the cleanup, avail of light housekeeping services as part of a home care assistance program for seniors.
  • Hire a personal care service provider for them.
    It’s important to ensure that your loved ones feel fresh and clean day and night. But if they have limited mobility, you can hire a personal care provider to assist them with their bathing, grooming, and personal hygiene tasks.
  • Help them resolve any mental, psychological or spiritual problems, if there are any.
    Stress and anxiety could also cause insomnia. If you’ve noticed that your elderly loved ones are pensive and unable to sleep, it’s possible that they’re having problems other than the physical ones. On such cases, seek expert help as soon as possible.

You shouldn’t take your elderly loved ones for granted. They deserve the best care! If you’re now looking for some to hire, you can rely on Hand to Hand Private Homecare, a provider of geriatric services in Connecticut.

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