For the People Whom We Love Dearly

For the People Whom We Love Dearly

We always want what is best for the people that we love, especially our grandmothers and grandfathers. They are old and they need much love and attention. They have been through a lot already and they might simply want to relax from all that they experienced. It is our responsibility as their loved ones and as part of the younger generation to provide them with home care assistance.

Most of them also live with Dementia or Alzheimer’s. They will have problems remembering important events. Sooner than later, they will slowly forget some names of their family members. And as the disease worsens, they will forget everything that happened the day before. This will be a hard situation not only for them but for you as well.

We ought to know that it may be quite difficult for them to take care of themselves. That is why Hand to Hand Homecare aims to assist people with disabilities and dementia, as well as the elderly. We are an established provider of non-medical homecare in Connecticut that provides help with daily activities, errands, chores, personal hygiene, memory care, and other condition-specific care.

If you want our help, you may contact us at 972-884-4554 or 757-683-0022 so that we can talk to you about the different services that we offer. If you know someone who needs a home care agency, you may refer them to us through our website at so that we can provide them with the necessary service.

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