Memory Care Tips for Seniors with Dementia

Memory Care Tips for Seniors with Dementia

It’s somewhat frustrating to see your once thoughtful elderly loved ones become forgetful. They can’t even remember who you are. But don’t be so emotionally affected. It’s all part of the aging process. Apart from availing of senior care services from a home care agency, keep these tips in mind to help them manage their dementia:

  • Keep the schedule simple.
    Stick to a simple daily routine for them. Once they’ve done all the essentials (e.g., personal care, meals), give them free rein on how to go about their day. It’s also wise to hire a companion from non-medical home care in Connecticut to keep them company.
  • Use mnemonic devices.
    Mnemonic devices help seniors remember easily, albeit shortly. You can do this for the labels of their medicines if they often forget what these pills are for.
  • Involve the patient actively.
    If they’re actively involved in their routines, they’re also more likely to remember it. Their proactive involvement also reduces their dependence on assistance. Hence, you might only need to avail of home care assistance for disease-specific tasks.
  • Keep instructions easy to follow.
    Stick to 5-word instructions. Give them step-by-step directions, instead of making them follow one-sentence complicated commands.
  • Set a positive mood for every interaction.
    Positivity is infectious. Once they can associate your presence with something positive, you don’t have to talk a lot. Just give simple instructions. You’ll surely get their hearts easily if they can feel your pleasant vibe.

Be sure to be flexible and patient if you’re taking care of seniors with dementia. Yes, you can do this alone. But if you need support, you can also hire dementia care experts from Hand to Hand Homecare.

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