Senior Care Tips: Diet Insights for Elderly People

Senior Care Tips: Diet Insights for Elderly People

Maintaining a healthy weight is a goal worth-pursuing at any age. However, the onset of diseases can take a toll on a senior’s ability to exercise and eat a variety of foods. Hence, they need to to work with experts from a home care agency. For their diet, the following tips should be followed:

  • Go for plant-based food options.
    Studies show that a plant-based diet helps seniors improve their digestion and blood pressure level. Besides, veggies and fruits are packed with fiber, which is good for weight loss or management. Hire a meal preparation professional as part of the non-medical home care in Connecticut program you’ve availed to prepare appetizing foods for your seniors.
  • Ditch salty and processed foods, as well as caffeinated and carbonated drinks.
    Foods with high sodium content increase their risk of having heart failure and stroke. Meanwhile, carbonated and caffeinated drinks usually have high sugar content, which could lead to or aggravate diabetes.
  • Stay hydrated.
    It’s also best for seniors to stay hydrated. If they’re bored with the bland taste of water, you could serve fresh fruit shakes and juices to add variety. It’s also good to avail of senior home care assistance that includes diet or meal preparation.
  • Consider taking supplements.
    If your elderly loved ones are picky eaters, their nutrition is at risk. This is when food supplements come in. Just be sure to consult their doctor to know the best vitamins for them.

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