Habits for Seniors to Enjoy and Maximize Their Golden Years

Being able to reach the retirement years is a huge blessing. If you have loved ones at home who are 60 years old and over, be sure to help them maintain their health by availing of senior services from a home care agency in Bridgeport, Connecticut. It’s also good to encourage your loved ones to … Continue reading

Tasks You Need to Delegate When Taking Care of Seniors at Home

It’s good to be hands-on in taking care of your elderly loved ones. But if doing so would be too exhausting, it’s equally wise to just delegate some of your caregiving duties. When the tasks pile up and become too much to bear, you can just contact a home care agency in Bridgeport, Connecticut to … Continue reading

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7 Pillars of Holistic Health For Long-term Health

Yes, it’s valid to think that health is the absence of disease. But it’s also practical to look at health in a more comprehensive lens. In recent clinical studies, these are the seven areas to focus on for overall health: Physical This includes adequate sleep, healthy diet, and physical exercise. Do you have loved ones … Continue reading

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How to Help Your Senior Loved Ones Get Good Sleep Daily

Adequate sleep plays a huge part in our life, regardless of age. But for elderly people, the quality of their sleep could mean the difference between declining health and long-term health well into their 90s. If you have elderly loved ones at home, hire an expert from a home care agency in Bridgeport, Connecticut to … Continue reading

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Qualities to Look for in a Senior Care Provider

Who wouldn’t want what’s best for our elderly loved ones, right? They’ve given us the care we need when we were young. Now it’s time for us to give back the care they so generously gave. For many people, this means the necessity to avail of a reliable senior care service. But how can you … Continue reading

Condition-Specific Care in a Gist

A lot of chronic degenerative health conditions could befall on elderly people. Although generic care can help alleviate their suffering a little bit, it’s still best to avail of condition-specific care from a reliable home care agency in Bridgeport, Connecticut. What Is Condition-Specific Care? Condition-specific care is a care plan that focuses on a specific … Continue reading